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    Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorder in Sydney

    The Tomatis® Method can be used to treat a wide range of problems and disorders. It’s very often used to help people suffering from a physical hearing impairment known as Auditory Processing Disorder.

    What is Central Auditory Processing Disorder (APD/CAPD)?

    Known as APD and CAPD, this disorder affects the neurological system behind the ear. These nerves normally separate meaningful messages from non-essential background noise before sending the information to the intellectual centers of the brain.

    Adults and children suffering from APD have problems processing this information and, as a result, they struggle to tell the difference between meaningful and unimportant messages. APD can be caused by a variety of different things:

    • It can be hereditary
    • It can be the result of a complicated birth
    • It can be caused by a head injury or a severe illness

    The history of APD

    Research into APD first began back in 1954 when Helmer Myklebust published his paper “Auditory Disorders in Children”. He suggested that auditory processing disorder was separate from language learning difficulties. In 1977, a conference on the topic led to a series of studies focussing on APD in children and many tests were in developed and are still used to this day.

    In the 1990s and 2000s, tests and treatment methods were refined and more effort was put into finding out more about the genetic risk factors for APD. Modern technology and an increasing awareness and understanding of mental disorders have resulted in better tests and treatments for people with auditory processing, learning and communication difficulties. 

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    It’s not always easy to determine what exactly caused APD in a person, but the Tomatis® Method is suitable for children and adults alike. At The Australian Tomatis® Method in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we specialise in providing everybody with the latest treatment. This means that we also offer training sessions for professionals in the therapeutic and health sector so that this therapy can be used in practices all across Australia. 

    If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 1300 233 572.

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